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In order to fully cover the needs of users and by using the largest suppliers, Avash Chemical Company has kept its inventory at the highest possible level.

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Dear suppliers, to cooperate with Shimi Ban Company in the fields related to the chemical and consumer goods industry, you can enter the suppliers page and send us the cooperation form.

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With more than 5 years of experience in importing and selling chemicals and laboratories and cooperating with pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and students, Avash Chemical Company has started official activities. Therefore, this website aims to clarify prices, offer the main products of Merck and Sigma Aldrich brands, along with quality assurance, purchase of chemicals and receive orders from all organizations and companies. Was launched.


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At Chemiban, all our efforts are to expedite your purchase, provide a quality product and follow the orders instantly until they reach you, dear ones.

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Ordering all kinds of chemicals, special laboratory consumables and laboratory equipment from reputable European and American companies will be done in the fastest possible time in a completely legal way and imported green sheets will be done.

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material analysis

Read more The physical and chemical properties of a product depend on the type of raw material and its microstructure. In order to conduct research, the properties of a substance and to present the composition of the percentage of components of the sample, determination of organic and inorganic components are identified.

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Standard reference

Standard reference order registration from the most reputable American companies will be done in the shortest possible time. Pharmaceutical Standard Reference (EP) (USP) (BP) Preparation of reference standards according to MM, USP, BP-EP

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Selling chemical products at the current price, providing a dedicated panel for customers to track orders, payrolls and send tickets

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shimiban Avash Company with the brand name “Shimi Ban” with more than 5 years of continuous activity in the field of chemicals, especially Merck and Sigma Aldrich brands, has made every effort to provide dear users with a panel Regular use and the existence of transparent prices to cover all the needs of small users (students, small expenses) and major users (companies, factories and laboratories). Users will also be able to register tickets from their user panel , Display your official invoices, and benefit from your previous orders.

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To request a standard reference and material analysis, enter the price inquiry page and submit your request.

Request for analysis

The Chemical Analysis Sheet is a valid document in which an expert certifies the quality and purity of the exported pharmaceutical, animal and plant products. The physical and chemical properties of a product depend on the type of raw material and its microstructure. To conduct research, the properties of a substance and provide a combination of the percentage of components of the sample, determine the organic and inorganic components in them into the page Request for analysis And submit your request.


Request a standard reference

US Pharmacopoeia reference standard USP – BP – EP European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard US Pharmacopoeia (USP) Reference Standard British Pharmacopoeia (BP) Reference Standard Preparation of reference standards or reference standards according to MM, USP, BP-EP used in Laboratories of universities, laboratories of food industry, laboratories of toxins and pesticides, laboratories of pharmaceutical industry and laboratories of cosmetics industry with reference standards MM, USP, BP, EP This collection is ready to provide this reference of standards at a reasonable price and within 30 working days for all Universities and pharmaceutical industries and other organizations.


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